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Our books are the heart of the documentary. Here you can find the basics, help and first examples of senseBox. In the following the current resources for the current version of senseBox are presented

:edu Book

senseBox - Team
Instructions, experiments and info about senseBox:edu. This book is a collection of material and a good way to get to know senseBox:edu.

:home Book

senseBox - Team
Instructions and info for the setup of senseBox:home. How do I set up senseBox:home, how is the data transferred to the openSenseMap and where can I find help?

:blockly Book

senseBox - Team
Documentation and introduction to the graphical programming of the senseBox with Blockly. What do the blocks mean, how can I compile online and what are my options?

:openSenseMap Book

senseBox - Team
Documentation and access to the open data platform openSenseMap. Here you can find technical information about the API and information about the integration of other microcontrollers on the openSenseMap.

Material for teaching

:Learning Cards

senseBox - Team
Learning cards for working independently with the senseBox and programming with Blockly. The Learning Cards should be printed double-sided.


senseBox - Team
Tutory offers the possibility to design worksheets interactively. On the platform our worksheets can be adapted according to your wishes. All worksheets are published on our profile.

:ETH Zürich

ETH - Zürich
ETH Zürich uses the senseBox for teaching purposes in two different courses. The senseBox was used in the Geosensensors Lab and the ETH is happy to share the teaching material with you.

More Material for the senseBox

In this section you can find more Material to work with the senseBox. The Github section provides you with acces to all our software and hardware repositories.

:senseBox V1

senseBox - Team
The old version of senseBox was based on an Arduino and the senseBox-Shield. This version is no longer for sale. Here are the instructions for the "old":" senseBox:home, senseBox:edu, and the corresponding Blockly version.
:edu :home

:openSenseMap API

senseBox - Team
The documentation of the openSenseMap API is a technical documentation with focus on the software integration of the data.


senseBox - Team
Github is our point of contact for software and hardware. In different repositories you can find the source code for openSenseMap, Blockly and much more.
All manuals here are Open Educational Resources (OER) under the Creative Commons license CC BY SA 4.0. Existing texts can be developed by the creative community step by step and extended by new experiments or projects.