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Our books are the heart of the documentary. Here you can find the basics, help and first examples of senseBox. In the following the current resources for the current version of senseBox are presented

:edu Book

:home Book

:blockly Book

:openSenseMap Book

Material for teaching

In this section you will find materials for use in teaching. The project page contains exciting projects for you. The teaching manual gives an important classification of the senseBox into the different curricula.

:Learning Cards


:ETH Zürich

More Material for the senseBox

In this section you can find more Material to work with the senseBox. The Github section provides you with acces to all our software and hardware repositories.

:senseBox edu V1

:senseBox home V1

:openSenseMap API


All manuals here are Open Educational Resources (OER) under the Creative Commons license CC BY SA 4.0. Existing texts can be developed by the creative community step by step and extended by new experiments or projects.