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What is the senseBox?

The senseBox was developed for use in digital education, for Citizen Science and for professional environmental data collection. The core of every senseBox is the easy-to-program senseBox mini-computer to which various sensors are connected.

The senseBox:family at a glance

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The senseBox:home is a kit for a do-it-yourself environmental measuring station. Thanks to its modular design, each senseBox:home can be put together individually.

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The senseBox:edu was developed especially for use in the educational sector. Fascinating projects and many free learning materials allow an easy and uncomplicated start.

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The senseBox:mini the set for the entry into the world of senseBox. It offers everything you need for your first IoT projects. The included senseBox environmental sensor enables the detection of a wide range of environmental phenomena.

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senseBox CO2-traffic light

Measure the CO2 concentration at home or school and display the concentration live on the screen and visualize it with RGB LED. The senseBox CO2 traffic light is designed as a DIY-Kit and contains all important components to build a CO2 traffic light for monitoring the air quality in the room.

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Blockly for senseBox

Blockly for senseBox is the graphical programming environment for the senseBox. With Blockly, even absolute programming beginners can create their first programs in no time at all using drag & drop.
The programming environment can be used online at any time without installation and thus minimizes both technical and professional hurdles.

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The openSenseMap is our data platform for open data of any kind. Every senseBox:home, but also many other IoT measuring devices, transfer their data to the map, where they can be viewed, analysed and downloaded.
The platform is completely free and all collected data is published under the Public Domain Dedication and License 1.0.

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Whats new?

  • Order senseBox:bike now!

    05/12/2023 from Eric

    The senseBox:bike is a kit for a mobile environmental monitoring station on your bike. It measures temperature, humidity, air pressure, noise level, UV intensity, and the concentration of pollutants. The data is transmitted to your phone via Bluetooth and can then be uploaded to the openSenseMap! The senseBox:bike is available for order now. Check out the senseBox:bike.

  • Introducing the senseBox Rain Sensor!

    01/11/2023 from Eric

    We are excited to introduce the brand-new Rain Sensor for the senseBox! Now available to capture precise real-time rainfall. Seamlessly integrate it into your senseBox MCU, MCU mini, or MCU S2 and optimize your projects for any weather condition. Check out the sensor.

  • New Blockly Version for senseBox

    25/05/2023 from Gina

    Have you seen it? Our graphical programming interface Blockly for senseBox has been updated. With new features and tutorials, getting started with programming is now even easier. Take a look. Visit Blockly.

  • Let's Connect with the senseBox App

    20/01/2023 from Gina

    For everything, there's an app, and now there's one for the senseBox too! To transfer the code created in Blockly to smartphones or tablets, we've developed the senseBox Connect App. It's available for free on the Apple and Google Play Store. Important - you need a Wifi-Bee or the Wifi ID of your senseBox to transfer the code to the app. Check out the senseBox Connect App.

  • Small & Compact - The New senseBox MCU Mini

    18/12/2022 from Gina

    The senseBox is now available in miniature! This small device is about the size of the OLED display, making it ideal for mobile surveys on foot or by bike. It can be programmed in Arduino just like the MCU and is also integrated into Blockly. This allows various experiments to be conducted without programming knowledge. Find out how to assemble your own mini environmental monitoring station here. The senseBox MCU Mini is available as a standalone board or as a kit. Have fun experimenting!

  • senseBox Sprechstunde

    15/05/2020 from David

    Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation (Corona-Krise) können auch wir keine Veranstaltungen vor Ort anbieten. Wir möchten jedoch gerne weiterhin mit Euch in Kontakt bleiben und bieten Sprechtunden an. Ihr habt Fragen zu Blockly, benötigt einen Tipp für die senseBox:home oder wollt einfach mal über Erfahrungen berichtet? Dann meldet euch hier an zur Anmeldung

  • Wir bleiben schlau! Die Allianz für MINT-Bildung zu Hause

    15/05/2020 from Björn

    Zu Hause wird es langweilig? Wir beteiligen uns mit mehr als 50 Partnern an der Allianz für MINT-Bildung. Mehr Informationen findet ihr auf der

  • Die senseBox im Futurium

    15/05/2020 from David

    Wir haben schon immer mal wieder von unsere Kooperation mit dem Zukunftsmuseum Futurium in Berlin berichtet. Auf deren Homepage haben wir nun eine Projektseite, auf welcher von unserem Exponat, Workshops vor Ort und weiteren Ideen berichtet wird

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The senseBox was developed at the University of Münster as part of a research project at the Institute for Geoinformatics. Thanks to various funding from different sponsors, the idea was able to mature further and further. Over a period of three years, until the end of 2019, the "BMBF Open Photonics" funding in particular provided significant support for the further development of the senseBox. Even during this period, the chance of a successful spin-off of the product division became apparent, which was followed by the founding of Reedu GmbH & Co. KG. This spin-off was additionally promoted with an EXIST start-up grant from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. In order to continue researching innovative ideas related to the senseBox, the association of spin-off companies and university was able to successfully apply for another project in the field of "Photonics Research Germany". Since November 2019, the "senseBox:pro" research project has been one of several projects in the "Open Photonik Pro" funding measure. With this measure, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is pursuing the goal of enabling new forms of cooperation between science and industry with the maker and founder scene.