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senseBox and openSenseMap

The senseBox is a citizen science project, which was developed in the student lab and research laboratory GI@School at the Institute for Geoinformatics at the University of Münster. This project provides do-it-yourself construction kits for sensor stations with detailed instructions for interested citizens. This enables them to take part in a scientific measuring campaign on environmental data with the help of photonic technology.

This is why we developed senseBox:home: it is a low-cost weather station with optical sensors to measure not only the light intensity and ultraviolet light, but also the temperature, air moisture, and air-pressure. Currently we are working on several sensor extensions. Through their help it will be possible to measure the air quality with a photonic fine dust sensor or the degree of the cloud cover at the sky can be gauged by a camera.

Moreover, the senseBox:edu is used at schools to teach students grade seven and older the basics coding through mirco controllers and environmental sensor technology.

In order to give schools the possibility for cooperating projects and to share their measurements with the public, we created the openSenseMap. On this web-based platform all measurements are available to download or offered on an interface for software applications online.

With this campaign, the researchers at the Institute for Geoinformatics expect to get large-scale and high-resolution measurements, with whom socially relevant questions about local weather phenomena, air quality, water quality or traffic volume can be answered in the future.





Please note the name of the senseBox is spelt with a leading lowercase s and as one word. This is intentional.
The spelling of senseBox is oriented to the naming convention of programming languages like C. Methods should be written in "lowerCamelCase". A concatenated word should begin with a lower case verb ("sense") and the following word should begin with a upper case letter ("Box"). Therefore "senseBox".

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